Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Bystander #Stopcyberbullying Pledge - Don't Stand By, Stand Up!

Don’t Stand By, Stand Up!
When people are bullied, there are often witnesses who see, hear or share the incident. These witnesses are called “bystanders.” Sometimes they ignore what is going on. Other times they join in fearing they will be next if they don’t. Maybe they just pass it on. Every time they watch a harassing video, visit a profile designed to attack someone or spread the hate, they fuel the bullying and cruelty. Cyber-harassment stops fast when bystanders refuse to play along.

Don’t just stand there when you see cyber-harassment and cyberbullying…do something. Stand up for the victim. Report it – Don’t Support It!

We need to stop standing by and start standing up. Stand up for others who need our help and support. Do it for those you care about. Do it to make the work a better place. Do what’s right!

I, ___________________, promise not to be a bystander, but to stand up to cruelty, harassment and hate when I encounter it online.

1.     I promise to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

2.     I won’t reward cyberbullies and cyberharassers with the attention they are seeking.

3.     I will learn how to spot harassing behavior online, where to report it and how.

4.     I will not sit by quietly when others are being hurt.

5.     I will report what I see and not support it.

I am doing this because it’s right. I hope that, by making this promise, I will: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am doing this for:___________________________________________________