Wednesday, February 05, 2014

#StopCyberbullying Trained Volunteers to Deliver Presentations in #PEI

Family Topic:
Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell! How to Improve Understanding and Communication About Cyberbullying and Bullying as a Family.

Kids have a code of silence when bullying and especially cyberbullying are involved. They close ranks protecting their friends, classmates and family members who are targeting them or others. They fear being blamed for becoming a victim of bullying. They are embarrassed, intimidated and blackmailed. They don’t want us disappointed or getting over-dramatic and making it worse. They worry that we won’t understand (and often we don’t).
Parents over-react. They also under-react. They blame, threaten and call the RCMP, the FBI and your friends’ parents. They lock you up and lock you out of devices, all to protect you. They lecture, preach and never let up. They don’t understand. They don’t appreciate what you are going through. They blame the Internet, cell phones and Xbox. They make it worse.

What do parents and kids need to understand about the other to avoid becoming a casualty of bullying or cyberbullying? How can we improve communications and trust? Learn how.