Friday, February 14, 2014

Kids and Tweens Cybersafety Guide Part 3 - Strangers Online

A great thing about the Internet is being able to connect with kids and tweens from all over the world.
They are “strangers,” but not the way we mean when we say  to be careful of strangers. But you can’t always tell if it’s a ten year old from Australia or a creepy 50 year old trying to trick you.

Some kids and tweens worry a lot about this. You shouldn’t. You can avoid them and stay safe. So, how
do you avoid creepy people online? It’s easy if you follow some simple rules.

1. Don’t talk to people you don’t know in real life when you are online, without your parent’s
permission. Not everyone is creepy, but it’s better to be extra careful since they can be tricky.

2. Don’t open IMs, emails or webcam chat requests from anyone you don’t know in real life.
Restrict the people who can message you to those on your friends' list. It’s safer that way.

3. Don’t share personal information online, even with people you know. Tweenangels
( say not to post anything online that you wouldn’t put on a billboard on a
superhighway for everyone to see.

4. Only use sites that are safe for kids and tweens. That means don’t lie about your age to use
Facebook or YouTube. You’re safer with kids and tweens your own age than you are at a site
with lots of grownups and older teens. Kids and tweens are more fun anyway! :-)

5. If anyone asks you questions, shows you pictures or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable or
acts creepy in anyway, tell your parents. By reporting them, you might be saving another kid or
tween who isn’t as careful as you are.

Remember…it’s your parent’s job to help keep you safe and protect you online and offline. Trust them
and let them know when you need their help.