Saturday, February 01, 2014

Upcoming Professional Development #StopCyberbullying Programs for Teachers

Workshop participants will learn what constitutes cyberbullying, how it works and what they can do about it. The workshop will be very interactive, using the participants and panelists to help frame the discussion. Animations, games and videos will be used, as well as case-studies of bullycides and successful triage approaches. Students will also share their perspective.

Participants will learn:
1.      how to identify the five different kinds of cyberbullies, including their motives and preferred methods.
2.      the five approaches used by cyberbullies (direct, indirect, privacy invasions, cyberbullying-by-proxy and inadvertent cyberbullying).
3.      effective prevention and non-escalation methods, including digital best practices, hygiene and media literacy.
4.      Facebook cyberbullying reporting and identity-takeover recovery tools.
5.      how to work with local law enforcement agencies when the cyberbullying becomes a crime and how to make sure their students are physically and emotionally safe.
6.      when and how to intervene and how to provide guidance and support for teachers. (80% of students polled reported that their preferred trusted adult is their teacher.)
7.      how to spot more vulnerable students and methods used to target them.
8.      how “sexting” is used to cyberbully.
9.      how to create an effective StopCyberbullying Zone and robust student empowerment program.
10. how to use existing peer-counselling programs to handle cyberbullying incidents