Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Promise to Islanders (Prince Edward Island) and Apologies

We are getting amazing traction for our @youthstummipei event. We expanded it from 600 to 1000 seats to handle the demand.

Wanted to make a few promises and one apology:

1. I promise that your kids will knock the socks off of everyone who comes. They are passionate, caring and truly leaders in helping others.

2. I promise that this will allow the island to shine. When Google, Microsoft and Facebook leave on Nov 10th, they will know how empowered and empowering Islanders are to help lead the charge against cyberbullying.

3. I promise that your values will be valued. That the integrity, compassion and community approach will be seen as a major benefit to the fight against cyberbullying.

4. I promise that this is only the beginning, and that as long as I have a say in it, PEI will be the leader in responsible and effective use of digital technologies for all ages. We will become the first Cybersafety Province, tapping the talents of so many Islanders already dedicated to this important issue.

5. I promise that I will continue to share what I know, who I know and my passion to make the Internet a safer place for our children everywhere with Island stakeholders.

Now, one apology. I know more of you wanted to join us for the @youthsummitpei. I expanded it to almost double, budget be "damned." I am sorry that we haven't been able to accommodate everyone with a seat at the event. But, we are hosting a free webcast all day for those of you from off Island and those of you on the Island who can't be there in person. You can tweet your questions and comments to our social media team. You can post on our FB page and we'll be able to help share your voice with the plenary.

This is the first of many events, I promise. And the voice of our Island children will help guide solutions to a growing and worldwide problem, using what Island parents and community leaders have taught them - self-respect, respect for others, honesty, kindness and empathy.

thank you for allowing me to be involved with the rest of the island in pulling off the largest event of its kind in the world, bringing together world leaders and local experts to understand cyberbullying from the lens of our children.

I promise not to let you down!