Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day - time for romance, love and disrobing online! Seniors Alert!

I am always interviewed and speak about kids sexting and disrobing online...they engage in cybersex (sexual chat) and pose in provocative ways. We warn them about repercussions. We lecture about risks and consequences. We tell them to keep their hormones in check. But, while sexting among young people is a growing problem, so is sexting among seniors and single and not-so-single adults. I get as many emails from grandparents asking how to delete a sexy pic they shared with someone online as I do from grandparents worried about their grandchildren. While visions of 85 year olds in the buff may not be a turn-on for most of us, they apparently are for other seniors who are lonely, love-starved and still active libidos. They do it for the same reason kids do. To get someone's attention. To show they care. To share how much they care. They may do it while intoxicated or on medication and not thinking clearly. Or they may do it when not thinking at all. But mirroring their younger counterparts, they worry about what will happen if the image "gets out". They worry about family members seeing it, or neighbors, or pastors, rabbis and priests. So, this Valentine's Day, show love in other ways. If you are going to take off your clothes, do it in person and make sure the cameras are off and stay that way.