Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Golden Opportunity Seized! Thank you Gov Christie

A Golden Opportunity Seized I wrote an Op-Ed for the Star Ledger Monday asking Governor Christie to seize the opportunity to protect all consumers - especially our children- from the risks of unregulated online gambling. I just learned that he conditionally vetoed the bill, but once it is amended to build in better protections of problem gamblers, he indicated that he will sign it. This is wonderful news and speaks to his continued leadership in our state and across the country. Today's conditional veto of online gambling legislation by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is an important step forward in protecting consumers - especially children - online. Governor Christie understands that we have to regulate online gaming, instead of continuing to ignore it. He has expressed concern over online problem gambling, which is commendable. To address this concern, today he charged the New Jersey State Legislature with amending the bill to include increased funding for compulsive gambling treatment programs. He also requested an annual analysis of online gambling's impact on problem gambling. This can act as an early warning system to allow the state to address any issues before they get out of hand. Thank you, Governor Christie, for seizing this golden opportunity to protect New Jersey's families. Good work! Once again, you make me proud to be from New Jersey!