Friday, October 22, 2010

Google Admits Street View Cars Recorded Private Passwords, E-Mails; Promises to Delete Data - ABC News

Google Admits Street View Cars Recorded Private Passwords, E-Mails; Promises to Delete Data - ABC NewsGoogle's glitch is not uncommon. Large data-ricj companies often collect more than they mean to, and sometimes don't know that it has been collected. The good news is that when they don't know they have it, no one can misuse it. The bad thing is that it is collected and not carefully deleted or secured until it can be deleted.

Smaller companies can implicate feewer people, but often present additional risks of the data actually being used without anyone have the first idea about legal and ethical obligations on consent, security and compliance.

Google has vowed to delete tis data and do what all companies should do - a datamap and make sure that those who understand Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian's privacy by design framework are involved in privacy decisions and at the beginning of the engineering process, not as an after thought.

It is also turning to those of us in the policy, privacy and safety advocacy space to help them do a better job.

I don't think this is the sky falling, just a reminder that if you don't construct solid scaffolding, you may have a bucket or two fall on your head.

The proof will be in how Google executes on its promise to imporve privacy.

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