Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arizona Distracted Driving Youth Summit - Home

Arizona Distracted Driving Youth Summit - HomeDistracted driving has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. At this youth summit leadeing experts will engage young people in the discussion.

Send an email to and include the information below. Registration is extended to
November 1st but it will close sooner if we reach capacity so submit your application today!
• Name
• Age
• School and graduation year
• Phone
• Email address
• Mailing address, city, state, zip
• Notable extracurricular activities
• Notable academic achievements
• What makes you passionate about curbing
distracted driving?
• Briefly describe why you want to participate
in this summit
Why Attend The Summit?
The practice of distracted driving has become more than just a problem
among drivers in America; it has truly become an epidemic. Nearly 6,000 people
are killed every year in auto accidents caused by distracted driving, and the
number is growing. Teen drivers are at the highest risk in these types of
collisions, and it is time that as a society we take a stand against this deadly
TASER International has heard the call to action from the collective voice
of society (Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation; Oprah Winfrey, cultural
icon; etc.) and is taking a lead in aggregating and amplifying the efforts of
industry and advocacy alike to protect the lives of everyone on the road. We
have realized, however, that there is no silver bullet to solve this problem. It will
require a deliberate shift in the social consciousness by creating a stigma around
the act of distracted driving. Additionally, it will require technology solutions that
will both remove the temptation to become distracted behind the wheel and help
enforce the new rules of the road.
In order to cause a shift in the social consciousness, you must first raise
awareness of the problem and then promote the solutions to solve it. As the
highest risk drivers and the future of our roadways, there is no better place to
start than by engaging and educating young adults; and there is no one better to
build an awareness campaign that will resonate with teens than teens
With this in mind, TASER is hosting the Arizona Distracted Driving Youth
Summit to expose a large group of passionate students to industry and subject
matter experts and then facilitate the creation of a distracted driving awareness
campaign designed by students, for students.
We hope you are able to attend the summit and join us in the fight against this
deadly epidemic.
For more information, please visit:

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