Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mad as Hell...

This case of Phoebe Prince's harassment and the school's failure to respond to reports and witnessing of the harassment is troubling. It is also my new passion. I always defend schools, often forced to do Herculean tasks with minimsule budgets. But all evidence points to the fact that the school knew and did nothing to stop the harassment of this young teen.

Schools need ot know what to do, before we can blame them. But I understand that they had brought in Barbara Collaruso to advise them and do assemblies. They should have known what to do. Is it the popularity and the athletic success of the students charged with the harassment that kept them from acting?

The DA is doing a terrific job so far. She approached this using the latest methods of charging cyberbullying and bullying, civil rights claims, as well as those traditionally used. She is serious and it shows. I understand that she and many of the state police investigators had attended South Hadley schools when they were younger. I support her in approaching this. It is hard and troublesome. People will criticize her form both sides. But, as I learned in law school - if both sides are unhappy, you're probably being fair.

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