Friday, March 19, 2010

Facebook stands up to's cyberbullying • The Register

Facebook stands up to;s cyberbullying • The RegisterThis article articulates the issue better than I can. While I applaude the work CEOP does in tracking down and making sure sexual predators are arrested, when it comes to cybersafety there is not one voice, but many. The "panic" button, isn't a panic button at all. It links to cybersafety resources. It turns out that Ashleigh held most of her communications with her murderer on MSN, not Facebook. And MSN has the "panic" button. That ends the fingerpointing, hopefully.

Facebook has extensive reporting processes and report abuse buttons and trained professionals who receive those reports. I am not sure why one organization, even one as well respected as CEOP, should monopolize reporting and cybersafety messaging when Facebook already works with most leading experts in this field, including CEOP.

I suspect it has something to do with UK budget cuts and the need to remind people how important organizations such as CEOP can be. But that is a valid message in itself. Trying to strongarm Facebook in this poor teen's name isn't the right way to approach this.

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