Thursday, October 01, 2009

the reaction we are getting to the ex-lawyer and Facebook

I was not familiar with the ex-lawyer who sued Facebook for failing to take down a bashing group after having "faxed a note to Facebook's CEO" complaining of the group and demnading that it come down. (I commented on the state of the law.) But apparently lots of gamers are.

Several have informed me that they will now set up a Facebook profile to show support of the scoail network, since they disrespect the lawyer so much.
His lawsuit has made Facebook cool to those who didn't think it was cool before learning of Thompson's fight against them.

That said, everyone deserves to be free of harassment online. Whether you like or respect them or not. The gamers need ot remember that, as do us all. If someone is harassing you on Facebook, don't fax their founder. Report it using the report abuse link on each page, like everyone else does. I have found Facebook to be very responsive.

My 2 cents

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