Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dateline's To Catch A Predator - Chris Hansen's new book

Chris Hansen's new book comes out tomorrow. At his book launch on Monday, the room was filled with those featured in his book.

They included extraordinary teens. One group of teens work to keep the memory of their 13 year old friend alive, after she was murdered by someone she met online. Another group (my Teenangels) teach others how to stay safe and be smart online.

The group also included law enforcement officers, from Seattle, Ohio and Virginia, sharing their invesitgations, lives and motives.

They included others you may have not expected. When the show airs, no one thinks about the spouse who received a phone call warning them that their husband was caught in the Dateline sting and will be appearing to huge ratings on national TV. What happens when the cameras stop rolling? Who are these collateral victims? Chris will introduce them to you.

It talks about MySpace and new technologies and how we need to make sure that we don't throw the Internet out with the MySpace bathwater.

And in one chapter, it tells you about me. Perhaps in more granular detail that I would have wanted. But it shares why I do what I do.

This book is real, meaningful and fascinating.

After reading it, I had decided not to write another book for parents on Internet safety. This one does it well enough that I won't have to.

Thanks Chris. Thanks Laura. Thanks to all involved, especially those willing to strip away the makeup and walls we wear and put in place, to share your story and hopefully help keep kids a bit safer because of it.

My 2 cents.

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