Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Teen Girls are having a blast on the new Flip....

CondeNet Launches Flip, New Online Outlet for Teen Girls' CreativityTuesday February 6, 11:58 am ET
NEW YORK, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CondeNet today announces the launch of Flip (http://www.flip.com/), a new site for teen girls. Flip.com provides teens with an innovative way to express themselves and connect with each other online. More than just another social network, Flip offers its users powerful but easy-to-use interactive tools, inspiration from experts and editors to spark their imagination, and a stage on which to showcase their talents.
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At the heart of Flip are Flipbooks -- customizable, multimedia scrapbooks/zines/journals that Flip members make and share. Users can upload their own photos, songs, and videos as well as choose from a large collection of stickers, wallpaper, animations, and music provided on the site. Flip members can draw, write, add a sound track, rotate and size elements, add pages, and even choose page transitions. The result is a more powerful and personal way for girls to express themselves than anything else currently online.
"Flip combines social networking with online scrapbooking, and it's clearly an addictive mix," said Jamie Pallot, Editorial Director, CondeNet. "The results so far are amazing -- girls have made beautiful, funny, moving Flipbooks about everything from Barack Obama to their favorite indie rock bands. The level of creativity and ingenuity we're seeing is really impressive."
While the majority of the Flip experience is created by its users, CondeNet has developed four channels that reflect key areas of teen girls' lives and interests. These are: My Life; Entertainment; Style; and The World. Each section highlights editorial content, members, Flipbooks, and clubs specific to that category. Another special section of Flip, titled Projects & Contests, gives members ideas, inspiration, and incentives to create Flipbooks and offers the chance to be recognized for their work.
Additional Flip features include:
-- My Media -- Users upload their photos, videos, or audio files for use
in their Flipbooks. No storage limits are imposed.
-- Flip Media -- Flip provides access to hundreds of backgrounds,
stickers, animations, and more that girls can use in their Flipbooks.
eMusic, the world's largest retailer of independent music, will provide
more than 100 free tracks that can be used by Flip members as sound
tracks to their Flipbooks.
-- Clubs -- Users start or join groups organized around shared interests.
Clubs can be about anything the users choose and are creative
environments that encourage the making of Flipbooks.
-- Profiles -- Profiles are the user's "face" on Flip. They can say a
little about themselves as well as list their Flipbooks, friends, and
-- Friends -- Users can invite friends to join their network and can
designate certain Flipbooks for viewing only by friends. Users can
explore their friends' profiles and their friends' friends' profiles.
A Collaborative Approach to Advertising
Flip is free to members, with a focused group of advertisers participating as sponsors. Like those involved in the creation of Flip, these sponsors are interested in forging a deeper connection and conversation with teen girls. While there will be no advertising content within or around Flipbooks themselves, each sponsor is offering a range of assets related to their brands (i.e., graphics, logos, photography) in Flip Media, so girls can use them as further fodder for Flipbook creation.
"The site was created to meet the needs of both teen girls and marketers, without compromising the product for either," said Sarah Chubb, President, CondeNet. "Our advertising approach allows teens to connect with marketers in a very natural way, where the ads are truly a desirable part of the content of the site."
Advertisers currently partnering with Flip include Clean & Clear®, Nike, Nordstrom, PacSun, and Vera Wang Princess. In addition to the editorial project ideas that CondeNet will frequently post in the Projects & Contests section, special featured contests will also be sponsored by site advertisers.
The Technology Behind Flip
To provide a unique experience for users, Flip uses some of the most current technologies available to create and manipulate content online. The site was built on Java/J2EE, Flash, and OpenSource Technologies/Frameworks. In addition, the site uses advanced Flash technologies such as Flex to enhance the interactive experience and bring the "feel" of scrapbook pages to life.
Safety and Security for Teens Using Flip Safety is a top priority for Flip. The site is taking a number of approaches to safety, including:
-- Clear Messaging: Internet safety tips for users, Community Rules, and a
Note to Parents and Guardians will be accessible from all site pages.
-- Security Features: Email verification is required for registration,
and Flip does not ask for or require detailed personal information.
Flip also uses sophisticated scanning technology to help identify
potentially inappropriate images, videos, and text.
-- Moderation: A Community Manager and staff of moderators are responsible
for overseeing the content on Flip as well as for determining
moderation policies, procedures, and best practices.
In addition, Flip has partnered with WiredSafety.org, the largest online safety, education, and help group in the world, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, to provide tools and resources for members so they can have a safer experience online.
About Flip
Flip, a new site for teen girls from CondeNet, provides girls with an innovative way to be creative, express themselves, and connect with each other online. The heart of Flip is the Flipbook -- customizable, multimedia scrapbooks/zines/journals that girls make and share. Users can upload their own photos, songs, and videos as well as choose from a large collection of stickers, wallpaper, animations, and music that Flip provides them. Through the use of a set of interactive tools, Flipbooks can be designed however members choose. They can draw, write, add a sound track, rotate and size elements, add pages, choose page transitions, and more. In addition to making Flipbooks, girls can also create profiles; start and join clubs; send and receive messages; share and comment on each other's stuff; and chat on message boards. Find Flip on the Web at http://www.flip.com/.
Press Contacts:
Lesley Weiner Jennifer Miller
CooperKatz for CondeNet CondeNet
212.455.8079 212.790.5198
lweiner@cooperkatz.com jmiller@condenet.com

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