Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New York Times articles on cyberbashing and smashing

The New York Times today quoted me on the issues of cyberbashing and smashing...where kids and teens are beating each other up on video and posting it online for everyone to see. It is happening in huge numbers...after having started years ago on cell phones in the UK, these attacks are real, staged in advance or faked...all to one purpose, making cyberstars out of the kids/teens. But their fifteen megs of fame may land them in jail. A young boy who held the video camera in a recent attacks on Long Island was cirminally charged last week.
this is serious and kids and teens are doing outrageous things on videos to become famous.
Google's YouTube has been very responsive, as has google , on safety and works closely with WiredSafety and me. But until we catch it at the source and kids realize that beating someone up is just a criminal whether your desire is to be famous or just shed blood, assualt is assualt and not excused becasue your camera shots are well lighted, we're only looking for more trouble.

To the teens I can only say "don't be stupid!" ThinkB4uClick and remember, what you post online stays online - forever!

Why make the job of the police easier? Taking a video is evidence, admissible in court...

what were they thinking?

I teach police how to find criminal activity on the social networks and YouTube. It's so easy, now.

Violence isn't something to play with. This is not a reality show. This is your life.
think about it!


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