Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving....what I am thankful for this year...

this year has been very different from past years, at least as far as cybersafety is concerned. This year parents are attending seminars and conferences and presentations in droves. This year schools are putting cybersafety at the top of their lists, understanding that school violence is often the result of a cyberaltercation or offline violence may move online. Kids and teens themselves are more worried about their safety and that of their loved ones, especially younger siblings.

Why is this year different?

Two things - MySpace (and similar sites) and Dateline's To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen.

I've been doing this for ten years, and only now are all the pieces falling into place. Before parents would brush off our concerns with "Not my kid!". Now their kids are posing on myspace in their bras (or less). Before they thought that cyberpredators were few and far between. Now they have met many in the kitchen of set houses with Chris Hansen on camera.

So, how can we get things moving the right way? It's time to get info out there everyone can understand. It's time ot "Take Back the Net!"

Our new wiredmoms program will create an army of moms to help each other protect their kids and ALL kids online.

it's starting...

I wonder what I will be thankful for next year. :-)

stay safe,

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