Wednesday, November 01, 2006

teenangels meet the "governator" at the California's cybersafety summit

They have met many very "kewl" people in their training and devliery of teh teenangels programs, but the teens were beside themselves in being able to meet the Governor. I had ot lecture them for an hour not to say things like "I'll be back." lol

The Governor came to the summit to speak for a few mionutes and took time just to meet the teens (he didn't have time to meet with anyone else.)

He took five minutes to get the teenangels's "living strong" bracelet on his huge fist. The kids thought he was incredible (and to be honest, so did I!).

we'd love to thank everyone at the Dept. of Consumer Affiars office in California for making the summit a reality and giving us the chance to meet such wonderful people, including our favorite moive star and governor .


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