Thursday, October 26, 2006

Moms and cyberdating...

For years sexual predators have taken advantage of women they marry or date to gain access to their children to molest them. The growth of cyberdating and explosion of social networks for adults who are sharing information about their children (including pictures) have allowed predators to "shop" for the kids and young teens they want to sexually exploit.

Once they identify the kids, meeting the mother and arranging to meet her children is easy.

While many moms are careful about protecting their children from online sexual predators and themselves from cybercreeps, many more don't realize how the Internet can be easily used to give child molesters willing to pose as a lonely boyfriend access to their children.

If you ae cyberdating, be careful to protect yourself. And if you are posting information about yourself online, don't include images or descriptions of your children. At least not if you are advertising to meet someone in real life. If you are cyberdating, take it slower than real life dating. Don't bring the person home and remind your children that they come first. so they will know to trust you with information is this cyberboyfriend does things that make them feel uncomfortable.

it's a hidden risk of cyberdating and cyberrelationships.
be safe.


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