Saturday, October 07, 2006

KTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives | Are Web Sex Predator Watchdogs the Good Guys or Grandstanders?

I haven't been shy about my disregard for the tactics of Perverted Justice. I want bad guys behind bars, not on TV. After the first show, four of those apprehended in the bust called me asking for representation. They had obviously found either my blogs or and somehow missed the part about my now donating most of my time to protecting people, especially children, online. I politely declined. :-)

Happily for those of us who care about protecting children online, many cyberpredators are not very bright. They often use their real names and in some highly publicized cases, for top internet executives and homeland security types, send magazine articles about themselves, bragging about their fame, success or something else that ties back to whom they are in real life.

For the last eight years I have donated most of my time and money to my cause of making the Internet safer for everyoe while promoting its use. I take this very seriously. My thousands of volunteers are not paid consultants to TV networks. We have been doing this for 11 years, and do it for love, not money.

I will continue to criticize Perverted Justices work and tactics. Everytime they entrap someone, that predator walks. Those naive enough to plead guilty, instead of finding a qualified lawyer, might find themselves in jail. But anyone with two brain cells to rub together will call a lawyer and given the group's inexperience will probably find an easy out of jail. Embarassed, no doubt, but now better able to avoid the next sting.

my 2 centsKTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives | Are Web Sex Predator Watchdogs the Good Guys or Grandstanders?

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