Sunday, February 05, 2006

Podcasting on issues - overall tips for parents

I have begun patient, while I make this work :-)
So many parents have been concerned about their teens posting profiles on that we have tried to get them information they need the most. We'll address the FAQs and tips on this and other important Internet safety issues.
Probably the question I am asked the most by parents and teens is how to remove their profile. There is a process set up by that requires you to send a request to remove your profile from the site. Then a code is sent to the e-mail address used to register the profile initially giving the instructions for removal of the profile. But there are many problems with this process. Often the teen doesn't have access to that e-mail account any longer, or it was never a real one to begin with. Or the code is lost in the SPAM-blocking processes of the recipient's ISP and never makes it to them. asks parents to work with their children to remove their own profiles. Together with MySpace, has worked out an alternative process for profile removal (assuming the teen has their password).

I explain that with the password and login, the teen can remove their content themselves. Removing the now empty profile requires a little help. A special address at handles this process. The MP3 explains that process.
The MP3 explains that process.

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