Monday, February 06, 2006

My podcast for parents on Internet safety...starting with issues

Okay, I know you are frightened to death. Dateline runs a special with lots of men showing up in various stages of undress to meet young teens. Your cherubic 14 year old is swearing like a truckdriver (whoops, I mean a sailor. You can learn more about this reference at my new podcast by clicking here or by subscribing to my feed. Or your kid's friends are engaging in provocative behavior, posting inappropriate pictures an doing things that shock you on their profiles. How safe is or the other sites? How worried should you be? This podcast is free and will be updated as often as I can update it...

this is not the time to panic. it's the time to get there for your kids and start "the talk". You can learn more by visiting often or subscribing to the feed. This podcast introduces the issue of and what parents need to do and more importantly, not do. So, here goes. Click here to hear the audio file. If you don't know how, ask your kids. :-)

be safe

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