Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Is life better online?

Ever since I started doing this in 1994, shortly following the launch of the Web, I have spent an increasing amount of time online. My virtual life has vastly overtaken my real life. My virtual friends are closer to me than most of my real ones. My virtual communications are more meaningful than my real ones. Some people i have never met in rl are more clear ot me than people i have known in rl for years.

In the days before I started protecting people online, even my flirtations were more fun online.

I live in this virtual world. Life has become a website, and now, a blog. You send out your thoughts, opinions and information and hope someone will see it. You measure your popularity by hits, and your companions by the length of your buddy list or address book.

It's a lot like American Idol. That young man from Hong Kong, who sings "She bangs!" so badly is a product of this virtual life. It's a moment's entertainment. We all are on one wave length for that moment. The connections are made. We're all virtual.

We check the weather bug or site for weather when we could look out our window or open the back door.

Today I sat in bumper to bumper traffic coming home from Manhattan and messaged by daughter repeatedly using my Blackberry. I would have called and chatted, but she was at work. Iming her was okay, a call wasn't.

When we got home, we couldn't decide where to eat. What did I do? I went online.

I know I am smarter online (although those reading this blog may not agree :-)). I am much better dressed and you can't see the stains on my shirt. In the photos, carefully selected for the Web, my hair is brushed and I have lipstick on. I exist in cyberspace.

we can be anyone we want to be online. A little photoshop and we are thinner, younger and have more hair than in real life. We can work for hours ot draft that line people think was off the cuff. We can research the answers ot questions before offering the ansewers and looking smart.

There's always someone awake, always something to read, always something to shop for or buy...

maybe life is better online.

I think I need a vacation :-)


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