Sunday, March 02, 2014

Prepare for a Parry Rant on PPl Getting Little Pony Tattoos to Combat Bullying

I tweeted a link to a news story about the crowds of ppl getting "My Little Pony" tattoos to take a stand against bullying. They got the idea after hearing about a boy who was bullied for watching My Little Pony. (can get the link at @parryaftab on Twitter)

Now the rant part.

I am delighted that ppl are listening and want to do something to stop bullying of all kinds. It is commendable that so many ppl are caring and want to show how much they care. But a tattoo? Really?

Hundreds of thousands of young ppl are bullied or cyberbullied. They are all feeling pain. They all need a friendly voice, support and a place to turn. We need to spread better awareness and teach everyone how they can take steps to help. There are helplines, websites, Facebook pages (ours is There are in-school programs. There are charities and educational programs. All of these need funding, sponsorship and in-kind help.

Write a song, perform Rap, paint a picture or draw one, write a speech, deliver one, sing, dance, speak out. Show your support by changing your status on FB, tweeting and linking in. contact your local TV network or newspaper and start a rally. Reach out to someone you know who needs you.

It's nice to make an effort to show support. The Pink Shirt campaign started in #novascotia was built on that. But if you do more than show support, you give support in the best way you can, you may move the needle a bit. 

We need help knowing what to do. Let's find ways to do things that are effective, together and finally stop bullying and stopcyberbullying. Don't show your tattoo, show your support! 

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