Monday, April 22, 2013

Pardon my auto-correcter

As we focus on cyberbullying and cyberharassment, we look for instigators and intervention points. What sets it off? Where can we make the greatest impact along the timeline of cyberbullying/cyberharassment. While most bullying and harassment are intentional, some begin innocently, and the real attack comes from the retaliation. The first one is the missile launched by accident. The second one is the response, thinking the first one was planned. At we call that "inadvertent cyberbullying" or "accidental cyberbullying." It wasn't done on purpose, but sets off a series of attacks that are. We include messages sent to the wrong person, who might overreact to something that is understood among friends. It includes typos that leave out important words like "not" in "you are ___ fat!" Now, we have to add "auto-correction" as an instigator to harassment/bullying. You didn't do it. Your iPhone did. Or, your Droid did. Or your [fill in the blank] did. We offend by accident. Consider adding a signature to your mobile communications..."Please pardon my auto-correcter, if something doesn't make sense, comes across as offensive or is just plain silly, blame it, not me. :-)"