Sunday, December 16, 2012

As nation mourns, investigators try to figure out what led to tragedy in Newtown, Conn. | Fox News

As nation mourns, investigators try to figure out what led to tragedy in Newtown, Conn. | Fox News
I have been in the child safety space for 18 years. I track bullycides, offline violence caused by online communications, self-harm and mass-killings of children.

Each time gets harder.

We seek solutions and approaches afterwards. Lots of approaches, lots of activities following a tragedy. But we don't know how effective they are.

How do we measure prevention?
How do we measure the deaths and harm that didn't happen becasue of our empathy-training, community policing efforts and educators trained to spot students who are at risk?

I am often asked if crimes are increasing, or if we are just more aware of them now. I am not sure i can answer that question. I know we have to keep on fighting the good fight and hope that the story we never read about is the crime we prevented.

Otherwise, how can we live with kindergardners being gunned down?

Our prayers and thoughts are with the grieving family and loved ones...

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