Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Opinion: Can Oprah's OWN Network Help Restore Civility?

Opinion: Can Oprah's OWN Network Help Restore Civility?I am on TV all the time. When I arrive at the TodayShow or GMA, the security guards greet me with the same question "What went wrong today, Parry" Matt says he loves to see me, but "hates" to see me, knowing it means kids or adults are being hurt in someway using digital technology. I give warnings, tips about staying our of trouble. I protect. I manage risks. But, as welcome as their needing my expertise is, what I enjoy most is talking about the joys of connecting that technology provides. A place where people can help others in more meangful ways. Where we can find someone or something that delights our heart. Where what we longer want is the thing that delights others. Where Amber Alert on Facebook can help bring missing children home faster and raise awareness about our role in making our world better, kinder and safer.

I need to talk more about that. I wish the news agencies wanted to produce more about that. It might be time for me to call the new Oprah network.

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