Monday, June 28, 2010

Porn's New Domain is Good News | News & Opinion |

Porn's New Domain is Good News | News & Opinion | PCMag.comMore Opinion: Rather than argue about what .XXX is,or is meant to be, it is an opportunity. No one expects theadult industry to give up their .com's for a .xxx. I fully expect that they will buy their brands in all domains, as they always have. And parental controls will block porn effectively, as they always have. This won't ghettoize adult content, nor will it make it possible to block all adult content.

But, it can address other important issues. Privacy - the non-profit that will oversee the rules governing .XXX from a multi-stakeholder perspective can require that member sites create strong privacy practices to make sure that the personal information (including financial information) of users is not voluntarily shared with third parties. Security - making sure that the same information is not involutarily released or made accessible due to faulty security means and technologies. Child sexual exploitation - while the US Constitution and many non-US regulatory schemes permit images of adults who appear to be minors engaged in sexual conduct or in the nude posed in lewd ways, .XXX can set rules about images which exploit children or appear to.

.XXX can be about best practices, protecting their users' data and security and about children. And it can do it without requiring all adult sites to move to .XXX as their sole domains. And can require all the .XXX domain holders use tags that make it easier for parental control providers to screen them out.

It may not address everything that all stakeholders hope or fear it does, but it moves us forward just a little. We have to think outside of the box here. Our kids and our privacy need help.


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