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How to Secure Your Facebook Account - Spending - Technology - SmartMoney.comThink in 3s - open, friends of friends and friends only.
Facebook's new privacy settings are fully adaptable to whatever you want. But most of us want it to be made easier with default settings in place that approximate our needs. Facebook has treid to design this, and done a pretty good job (IMHO). They have broken the information into three groups (see above). What they think everyone can see, and do see unless you change your settings from the default, name and status (back to this later). What you don't want the world to see, but are okay with letting the friends of your friends see - pics, postings, etc. and private things that only your friends can see - contact info and sensitive info.
I think this works and will be a big help, with one exception - status updates.

Status updates are used in different ways by different people and by different demographic groups. Some use it like a mini-twitter post - a short public-facing announcement to promote a cause, message, etc. Others use it as a group text - to their friends and family. "Going to the mall, see you there at 4pm"
Teens use it that way. Seniors often do, as well as "newbies." I would have liked ot see this defaulted at minimum "friends of friends." But there is an easy fix - change that one setting.

the next time (or first time) you change your status, once the settings are in effect, you'll get a warning "are you sure you want this to be made open to the world?" or some equivalent. When you see that, change your settings if you want them more private.

simpler than you thought!

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