Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facebook Dangers: Site Upgrades Safety Measures, Rejects Panic Button - ABC News

Facebook Dangers: Site Upgrades Safety Measures, Rejects Panic Button - ABC NewsIt's sad that when tragic things happen to young people, everyone points fingers. They don't have to make sense, or be valid, but everyone is looking for someone to blame. I have a great deal of respect for CEOP and Jim Gambler personally, but here I think they are being unfair and unfounded. Their "panic" button isn't a cyber911 link. It, instead connects you to their internet safety materials. While good materials, so are those used by Facebook which recruited 5 of the world's leading cyebrsafety charities, including the one I run - WiredSafety, to donate our expertise and resources to build a collaborative safety center. The CEOP page linked ot from the button has links to UK law enforcement pages and makes it easier to find contact info. But it doesn't evenhave a link to "Protecting yourself from sexual predators online," or anything along those lines.

The "panic" button that Gamble claims could have made a difference here was actually used on MSN, where Ashleigh and her killer held most of their communications before meeting, the rape and the murder. If it would have worked to prevent her from meeting him offline, she would still be alive and well.

There is no one button, one approach or silver bullet. To suggest otherwise is unfair to parents, families and may even make people less safe as they think one button can protect young people from registered and convicted sex offenders on the loose.

That takes education, support of friends and family, and providing help when needed.

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