Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook Boosts Search Savvy - PC World

Facebook Boosts Search Savvy - PC WorldI advise everyone to "google" themselves and their kids. They can spot what is being said about them that way. One of the problems with this is that Facebook was not fully "google-able."

With all the talk about Facebook taking on Google in search, I think many of the tech experts have forgotten the difference between Facebook's info and Google's. Facebook has people, lots and lots of people. While Google owns search, Facebook owns people info. 93% of the teens we polled in the US have a Facebook.
There have to be a few other things before it can reach full potential. 1. the privacy settings need to have more granularity (item by item settings instead of global settings) and 2. they have to be convinced to expose more information to the public and search by using fewer or more carefully defined rivacy settings.

When seeking info, in depth, about individuals, Facebook and its new Friendfinder might be more powerful than Google. And when it comes to travel, shopping and other "thing" oriented search Google will rule.

I wonder when I will start telling people to "Facebook" someone.

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