Monday, April 20, 2009

1+1=10 « Maxine Clark’s Blog

1+1=10 « Maxine Clark’s BlogEver since I gave up my law practice to donate my time and money to protecting kids and everyone online, I was been blessed with meeting special people and opportunities along the way to give me a greater reach to do good.
On Saturday I met Maxine, Build-a Bear Workshop's real momma bear. I feel sorry for all those in her incredible team who had to keep track of Maxine and my conversation as we jumped from who should be involved, to how we know people to help the other to amazing ideas to help kids and families of special kids, sick kids and all kids.

Cyberbullying is a problem that affects kids starting in 2nd and 3rd grade, peaking in 4th grade and again in 7th-8th grade.

We teach everyone to Stop, Block and Tell! stop, don't answer back, block the person, bear or message and tell a trusted adult (or panda in the case of our sumo pandas).

If we can teach all the kids to stop, block and tell, we'd take a bit bite out of cyberbullying. (We work with McGruff too :-))

Can't wait to sit at Maxine's feet and learn her secret sauce and source of incredible and kind energy.

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