Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wake Up Call: Facebook Isn’t A Safe Haven

Wake Up Call: Facebook Isn’t A Safe HavenI think Facebook is safer. I always advise clients never to say "safe." it sounds too much like a promise rather than an adjective. Teens tell me they feel Facebook is safer too. There is something about knowing that someone knew your e-mail address at least at the time the account was created that makes people better behaved.

The sex ring announced mirrors one we worked under our former charity name, in 1999. Reader's Digest chronicled the story and it was found that the man blackmailing the students and posing as a woman online, was a school administrator in NY. The article wss called Angels Online and was published in the US in March 2000.

The same scams get recycled over and over. There is much to learn from reviewing history, even if that "history" is only 8 years ago.

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