Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Teen describes role in MySpace hoax - Internet-

Megan Meier died at her own hands after being harassed online by people posing as a cute 16-year-old boy on myspace. The people behind the cyberbullying attacks turned out to be a local neighborhood mom, Lori Drew. Ashley Grills, a babysitter who worked for the Drews helped set up the profile and together with Lori Drew tormented Megan. Mean words kill. Our new program, the megan pledge is designed to get 1 million young people involved in taking a pledge against cyberbullying and seeing suicide as an option.
I think it's time for the US Attorney for St. Louis area to charge Lori under the federal cyberstalking law.
Teen describes role in MySpace hoax - Internet-

Get involved with the megan pledge, let's hold adults responsible for their actions...Lori Drew should be in jail instead of redoing her basement.
Mean words kill!

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