Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Board sets rules on home Net use-

I suspect that this policy will be struck down, not because schools can't put policies like this in place, but because they need to do it with precision and clear rules. The mother quoted in the article put her finger on it. If we know what is covered, no problem. But punishing a student for venting, without more is a constitutional problem. A recent US Supreme Ct case clarified the school's ability to discipline a student for off-campaus behavior intended to have an effect on the school atmosphere, But this has not yet been tested in a cyberbullying situation and the legal ground is littered with schools that went too far and had to pay out damages equal to a teachers annual salary or more. Thinking about this, and defining the issues carefully is crucial to a successful program.

If the school needs help doing this, or any schools district does, reach out to us at wiredsafety.og. we help schools handle risks like this all the time.

Board sets rules on home Net use-

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