Monday, January 08, 2007

Violence on video network sites

I have been fielding calls from media on violent videos posted online at myspace, youtube and other sites. It's a growing problem and something we are focusing on this year. Law enforcement is focusing on this too and we are holding law enforcement training programs to help them use the networks as investigative tools in finding criminal activities, missing children and criminals online.

I always say that the video features are far more dangerous when abused than anything else online. Kids and teens are posing in the nude, engaging in sexual activities or in mock sexual activities, harassing each other or teachers, administrators, etc., engaging in violent fights or attacks (pre-planned or posed), recruiting gang members, etc. And no software to date has the capability of doing much about this.

What can we do?
Limit webcams and watch the pics and videos your kids shoot using cell phones etc. Keep an eye on the videos they store on their video ipods and think about what other video-capable devices you have in your household.

Then, "have the talk"...
let your kids know the rules and the penalties for breaking them. And don't be afraid to enforce them. It's your job to be unpopular sometimes...

repeat after me "I AM THE PARENT!" "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" "AS LONG AS YOU LIVE UNDER MY ROOF!"....if anything sounds familiar, you may have a mom like mine. If you need any new quotes, let me know and i'll introduce you to her...

It's time.

Let's take back the Net!


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