Friday, September 15, 2006

'Troubled kids gravitating' to vampire site

Goths are typically non-violent. They may have body piercings and purple hair, but generally don't hurt others. Sadly, Kimveer Gill didn't fit that mold. He opened fire on students at Montreal's Dawson College last week.
He was a frequent user of a website,, that is very popular among goth teens and young adults. I have had issues with this site previously, and never received a response to our inquiries and reports to the site.
I hope that this will change now that the site's founder has reached out to us.
I don't like blaming a site for the actions of its users.
But this site has become more of a problem than it should be, given the number of users.
Hopefully we can work with them to help them create a more responsible site that is more responsive to safety and security concerns.
But, I am hopeful that they have taken the first step and reached out to WiredSafety and me to make sure that our complaints are received and handled. It's a start. 'Troubled kids gravitating' to vampire site

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