Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sri Lankan and Thailand Orphanages and pedophiles

The above case included the following reference:

"The court based the upward departure on several
factors. First, the "she[e]r volume" of child
pornography involved in this case "was not * * *
adequately taken into consideration by the
Guidelines." Sent. Tr. 78; see also Judgment 6.02.
Second, petitioner "sexually molested numerous
children aside from the identified victim in this
case." Judgment 6.02; see also Sent. Tr. 78. Third,
petitioner "t[ook] advantage" of the Big Brothers
Program, the purpose of which is to help children in
need of male supervision, for "his own sexual
depravity"; by becoming a Big Brother, petitioner
"completely thwart[ed] the entire purpose of the
program, besmirch[ing] [its] image [and the image of]
other [such] programs." Sent. Tr. 78-79; see also
Judgment 6.02. Fourth, petitioner was involved in
NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association),
an organization that promotes sexual relations between
children and adults by supporting a foster home in
Thailand that sexually exploits children. Judgment
6.02; see also Sent. Tr. 77-79 (petitioner and known
pedophiles supported foster homes in Thailand in order
to have unlimited access to young boys, as evidenced
by a number of Polaroid pictures, provided by Thai
officials, depicting petitioner with young Thai boys
sitting on his lap). Fifth, petitioner's criminal
history category significantly underrepresented the
seriousness of his criminal history and the likelihood
that he would commit future crimes. Sent. Tr. 78-79;
Judgment 6.02. The court also found that petitioner
had failed to notify authorities of his change of residence,which he was required to do as a convicted sex offender. Sent. Tr. 78; Judgment 6.02."

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