Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Our #StopCyberbullying Canada Youth Leadership Council and Taskforce Members will be Presenting to 4th - 12th graders

Presentation Title: Don’t Stand By, Stand Up! What Can You Do to Stop Cyberbullying?

Adults have their roles in helping prevent and stop cyberbullying once it stops. But cyberbullying won’t stop until young people decide that it has to stop. Can you tell the difference between someone being mean online and a cyberbully? What can you do to stop cyberbullying? How can you help friends who are targeted? Can you make yourself cyberbully-proof?  How can you avoid being used by a cyberbully to do their dirty work? How can you protect your younger friends and family members?  Got an idea about ways we can stop cyberbullying? Want to be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem? Want to help others? Learn how.

The youth leaders will be ready to conduct their first presentations at local schools and community groups in #PEI in April 2014. Look for the signup form at soon.